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Why Haiti?


Haiti is now on the cusp of a change that will see it develop into one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world within one generation. So come and join Destination Haiti for a fully escorted trip of a lifetime; experience this unspoilt, mystical country and be a part of Haiti’s renaissance!


Ethical Travel

Tourism is a key part of developing Haiti’s economy.

Just twenty people per month travelling to Haiti will raise half a million US dollars for the Haitian economy per year.

6,500 Irish people travel to the Dominican Republic each year. Just 10% of this travel diverted to Haiti would generate 1.3 million US dollars for the Haitian economy.

Within one generation Haiti will be one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

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This proud nation of over 9 million people is now working its own way to economic and social success. While there are a number of routes to this success, Destination Haiti believe that tourism can and will play a key role in returning Haiti to its rightful place in the Caribbean.

The negative perception of this country has stunted the growth in tourism. While there are some issues still to be addressed, Destination Haiti is confident that its fully escorted trips will ensure that its clients see the very best Ayiti has to offer. Your holiday to Haiti will leave a lasting impression on you as a traveller while also assisting in the redevelopment of this wonderful country.

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